How to set a due date

Setting due dates with Teamline is easy:

  1. First, open the task (you can click the link that @teamline sends with task notifications, or if you've got the Teamline app open, just click the task)
  2. Click on the due date or the words "Set due date" on the top-right
  3. Choose a new due date, and click "Save"

When you set a due date, @teamline will send a short notification to anybody who is subscribed to that task. This is usually the person who created the task, plus any assignees.

You can also set the due date in Slack two different ways:

  • When you create the task, you can just add the due date to the end of the task - e.g., try saying "@teamline Call Steve on Tuesday"
  • After you create the task, Teamline will respond with a confirmation and some buttons. Click the "Due date" button to select from a few common due dates

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