To assign a task to a person, open the task in the Teamline app, and click the green "Assignee" button just underneath the task name.

If you can't see the person you're looking for, you can check to see that they are a member of the task's channel.

There are a few other ways to assign a task to a person:

  • You can create a new task for anybody in your team by clicking "PEOPLE" on the left side of the Teamline app, and choosing a person. Type the task into the "Add a task..." box at the top of their task list
  • You can assign a person when you create a task in Slack by adding their name after the task - try typing "@teamline Write TPS report @mary" to assign the task "Write TPS report" to @mary
  • After you create a task in Slack, there is an "Assignee" button, which allows you to quickly add new assignees from the current channel.

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