What notifications will I receive?

All notifications are sent as direct messages from @teamline. 

When you first start using Teamline, you'll automatically receive notifications for tasks that you create, tasks that are assigned to you, or tasks that you have commented on. You can choose to subscribe to any task and receive notifications, or unsubscribe from any task. You can also change your notification preferences at any time, in your Teamline account settings (find this in the main menu, by clicking the Teamline logo at the top left).

For any task that you are subscribed to, you'll receive notifications:

  • When the task is completed
  • When the task's name is edited
  • When a task's due date changes
  • When somebody comments on the task
  • When the task's description is edited

In addition, you'll receive a notification:

  • When any task that you are assigned falls due
  • Whenever any task is assigned to you
  • Whenever you are de-assigned from any task
  • Whenever somebody @mentions your name in a comment or task description

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