Subtasks and checklists

You can add subtasks, or checklists of items to any task in Teamline. You can use this for:

  • Keeping a checklist of task stages - e.g. planning, design, build, Quality Assurance
  • Keeping a standard list of subtasks
  • Breaking a big task down into smaller items

Checklist items / subtasks don't have assignees or due dates

To add a Checklist, click the "Checklist" icon just underneath the task name and choose a name for your checklist. You can add as many checklists as you like, and each checklist can have as many checklist items / subtasks as you like!

You can copy a checklist to any task. To copy a checklist, just click the "Checklist" icon to add a new checklist, and select the checklist you'd like to copy from the drop down menu.

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