Creating task lists in channels

When you start using Teamline, every channel is automatically setup with its own list of tasks. Over time, you might choose to organize each channel into multiple task lists.

You can use task lists for:

  • If your channel has a few projects, each project can have its own list of tasks
  • To keep a separate list of ideas for the future, create a separate "ideas" or "backlog" list
  • To organize tasks into different stages, you could have a "planning" list and a "development" or "testing" list

You can create as many task lists as you like within each Slack channel. Task lists should be short names, all lower-case, and with no spaces - like ~agenda-items or ~ideas

To create a task list, click the "+ Add task list" link in the Teamline app (it's just underneath the list of channels on the left menu). Each task list sits inside a channel, and has the same permissions and members as the channel. By default, task lists will send notifications to the channel, although you can disable this in your team settings.

To assign tasks to lists in Slack, you can use the tilde (~) symbol, with the name of a task list right after you add a task. For example, type " @teamline T-shirt giveaway ~ideas" will add the task "T-shirt giveaway" to the task list ~ideas.

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