How to use recurring tasks

Teamline lets you create tasks that repeat, so that you can remember regular to-dos. Tasks can be set to repeat every day, weekday, week or month. Recurring tasks can be identified by the recur icon (a circular arrow).

To create a recurring task:

  1. Open the task in Teamline, by clicking on the task (or clicking the link that @teamline sends you in Slack)
  2. Click the "add due date" link (or if a due date has already been set, click the due date to edit it)
  3. Select the "Add repeat" option, and choose how often you would like the task to recur
  4. Save the due date

If you synchronize your calendar with Teamline, the next 90 days of recurring tasks will also appear in your calendar.

To pause a recurring task (e.g. if you're away on holiday), simply edit the due date to be the next recurrence that you would like. It will continue recurring from that point onwards.

How to create a weekly checklist

For example, Teamline can be used to create a weekly checklist for yourself. To do this:

  • Create a task for yourself called "weekly checklist"
  • Add a checklist to the task, with all of the checklist items you'd like to complete each week
  • Set the due date, and select the task to repeat every week

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