Using Teamline on mobile devices

You can certainly use Teamline on your mobile device!

We don't have mobile apps yet, but as soon as we do there will be information about them in the Teamline app, and here.

The easiest way to use Teamline on mobile is directly inside Slack. In a nutshell:

  • To quickly create a task for yourself, just send a direct message to @teamline in Slack, with the name of the task
  • To see your task list, send @teamline a direct message with the word "list"
  • To add a task in a channel, say "/teamline task name" in that channel. You can also mention a person or due date after the task name
  • To mark a task complete, you can just click the "Mark complete" button attached to a task

If you'd like to use more advanced features, the Teamline app works on modern mobile devices. The easiest way to sign in on a mobile device is by sending a direct message to @teamline with the word "login"

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