Advanced features in Slack: /teamline slash command

The /teamline slash command is designed for power users. It offers a lot more options to manage tasks directly in Slack, but can be a little more complicated to learn.

There are a few key differences between talking to @teamline and the /teamline slash command

Talking to @teamline /teamline slash command
How to create a task @teamline task name @person duedate /teamline task name @person duedate
Visibility Everybody in the channel can see what you type, and Teamline's response Only you can see what you type, and Teamline's response
Private tasks All tasks are visible to channel You can create private tasks that only you can see
Features Basic task creation and listing Able to edit and manage more task options
Where used Use in channels and groups, but you must invite @teamline into the channel first Use in any channel, group, or direct message

Before using the /teamline slash command

Before using /teamline, make sure you have the slash command installed on your team. You can ensure it's installed by authorizing Teamline at

Basic features

The /teamline slash command allows you to create and manage tasks, without being seen by other people in the channel. The following are the basic commands:

  • /teamline help
    Shows a list of the /teamline commands
  • /teamline TPS report
    Adds a new task called "TPS report". You can also add assignees, a channel, task list, or due date. For example /teamline TPS report @hannah #communications on March 25
  • /teamline list
    Shows a list of incomplete tasks. You can also see a list of any other person's tasks (e.g. to see @james' tasks, type /teamline list @james ) or any channel's tasks (e.g. to see #media 's tasks, type /teamline list #media )
  • /teamline completed
    Shows a list of recently completed tasks (tasks completed in the last 7 days). You can also choose a longer time, e.g. to show a list of the last 30 days worth of completed tasks, type /teamline completed 30 

Advanced features

For all of the advanced features, you need to know a task's number. To get a task number, first type /teamline list and remember the number beside the appropriate task. You can use the following commands:

  • /teamline assign 1 @mary
    Assigns @mary to task number 1 (you can also assign multiple people by typing /teamline assign 1 @karen @xavier )
  • /teamline deassign 1 @elvis
    Deassigns @elvis from task number 1 (you can also deassign multiple people by typing /teamline deassign 1 @bob @cathy )
  • /teamline due 1 next tuesday
    Sets the due date of task number 1 to next Tuesday (if you don't specify a date, this removes the due date, e.g. /teamline due 1 )
  • /teamline describe 1 Please see Cathy about this before sending
    Sets the description of task number 1 to _"Please see Cathy about this before sending"_ (if you don't specify a description, this will delete the task's description e.g. /teamline describe 1 )
  • /teamline comment 1 Great one!
    Adds the comment "Great one!" to task number 1
  • /teamline show 1
    Shows extended information about the task number 1
  • /teamline delete 1
    Deletes task number 1

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