Adding task labels

Labels are a great way to keep your tasks organized by type. Your team can have as many labels as you like, and everybody in your team can see and use them.

You can use labels to identify different types of tasks, highlight important tasks, or just to stay organized.

There are 15 different colors to choose from. Teamline automatically creates 7 different labels for your team, which you can start using straight away! These are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. You can also add new labels, and choose from the extra colors red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-purple, purple-pink, pink-red, and charcoal.

Whenever you see your task list, the labels are shown just above the task name, so you can quickly identify what type of task it is.

Adding and removing task labels

To add a label to a task, open the task in the Teamline app (by clicking the link that @teamline sends you in Slack). At the top right, click the "Label" icon, and select a label to add to the task.

Labels are displayed just underneath the main task information (under the description and channel).

To remove a label, click the white "x" button just to the right of a label name.

How to customize labels

Your team has 7 pre-defined labels, and you can add as many more as you like. Each label can have a color (or can be transparent), and a name. 

To customize your team labels:

  1. Open Team Settings, which can be found in the top left menu (click the Teamline logo)
  2. All of your labels will be displayed here, under the "Team Label Settings" section
  3. Click the name of any label, to rename it
  4. Click the color chip for any label, to edit that labels color
  5. To add a new named label, click the "Add a label..." link. Or, to add a new color label, click the grey box to the left of "Add a label..."

Transparent labels

You can also add transparent labels (these are shown with the pale grey color). When you add a transparent label, it doesn't display in the main task view, but can be seen in the task details.

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