Can I clone a task?

Yes, you can create a duplicate copy of a task with the Teamline app.

When you duplicate a task:

  • The copy will have the same name, due date, description, and assignees
  • The copy will have all of the same checklist items, but they will all be marked incomplete,
  • Assignees and channels won't be notified when the task is duplicated - so you are able to duplicate a task, and then alter the assignees/channel

To create a duplicate copy of a task, just open the task in the Teamline app, click the "More ..." menu (at the top right) and select "Duplicate Task".

As an alternative to cloning a task, you are also able to bulk enter tasks in Slack. Simply enter tasks on multiple lines in a message to @teamline (press SHIFT-Enter to add a new line), and Teamline will convert each of them to a new task!

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