What is teamline?

Teamline is a simple project management tool that works directly with your Slack team.

Here are some things you can do with Teamline:

  • Keep track of your personal tasks, directly from Slack
  • Assign tasks to any other member of your Slack team
  • Keep a list of tasks or projects, organized by Slack channel

In some ways, Teamline is like other project management software, in that you can keep track of tasks, add comments, attach files, make subtasks, set due dates and assignees. However, teamline works perfectly with Slack - all notifications come to you on Slack, you don't need to remember another password, and access for your entire team is automatically setup for you straight away.

When Teamline is installed on your Slack team, there will be a helpful new team member called @teamline on your team! Most people talk to @teamline in channels (you have to invite teamline into a channel first), or by sending a direct message to teamline. There is also a teamline app, which you can access on your computer or mobile device, and also a /teamline slash command.

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