Creating tasks with a reaction emoji

With just two clicks, you can create a task from any message in any Slack channel!  All you need to do is react with the :zap: reaction emoji (it looks like a lightning bolt).

Note: This only works in Slack #channels (not direct messages), where @teamline is a member of the channel.

Step-by-step: How to create a task using a reaction

Step 1: Find a message in Slack that you want to convert into a task, and click "Add reaction..." (You can either hover your mouse over the message, or on mobile just long-press)

Step 2: Select the :zap: reaction emoji (it looks like a lightning bolt)

Once you've used the :zap: reaction emoji, @teamline will automatically create a task from the message, and assign it to the channel

This also works with file comments, and @teamline will even automatically attach the file. 

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