Searching for tasks

It's easy to search for tasks in Teamline, just type a word into the search box at the top of the screen and press return! There are two ways to search for tasks:

  • In the Teamline app, type your search into the search box, at the top-right of any task list
  • In Slack, just type your search using the /tl list command - for example /tl list is:unassigned

How the search works

When you search for a word, Teamline will look for any task that includes that word in the task name, description, comments or checklist items. The search will also find similar words - for example, if you have a task called buy blueberries, you will find this task when you search for the word blueberry

To search for an exact phrase, put quotes around it - for example you could search for "buy blueberries" 

To exclude words from your search, put a minus sign before the word - for example, you could search for java -coffee which would find all tasks with the word "java" but not the word "coffee".

Advanced search options

There are a lot of extra things you can include when you search. Here are some of them:

Search term What Teamline searches for
@sarah Mention a person to search for tasks assigned to them
@eric @sarah Mention multiple people to search for tasks assigned to any of them
-@paul Put a minus sign before a person, to search for tasks that aren't assigned to them
#channel Mention a channel to search for tasks in that channel
#general #sales Mention a few channels to search for tasks in any of those channels
-#channel Put a minus sign before a person, to search for tasks that aren't in that channel
~list Tasks in that section
is:complete Tasks that have been completed
is:incomplete Tasks that are not completed
is:private Tasks that are private
is:deleted Deleted tasks
is:overdue Overdue tasks
is:late or is:later Tasks that were completed when they were overdue. (The "later" option only lists tasks that were completed more than 24 hours late)
is:snoozed Tasks that you have snoozed
is:assigned Tasks that are assigned (to anybody)
is:unassigned Tasks that haven't been assigned to anybody
is:archived Tasks that are archived
has:attachment Tasks with a file attachment
has:checklist Tasks with a checklist
has:description Tasks which have a description
has:repeat Recurring tasks
has:comment Tasks with comments
has:due Tasks with a due date
has:label Tasks with a label
label:red Tasks with a specific label color
label:Important or label:New+Customer Tasks with a named label (if a label has multiple words, use a + sign instead of a space)
due:overdue or due:today or due:10 Search based on due date - you can specify "overdue", "today", "tomorrow", or name a period of time (e.g. 10 for the next 10 days)
created:today or created:month Search based on when a task was created - you can specify today, or yesterday, or name a period of time (e.g. month for the last month)
edited: today or edited:5 Search based on when a task was last modified - you can specify "today" or "yesterday", or name a period of time (e.g. 5 for the last 5 days)
completed:yesterday or completed:3 Search based on when a task was completed
sort:due or sort:completed Search results are automatically sorted by how similar they are to your search words. You can choose another sort order - e.g. by due date, completed date, created date or last updated date

Saving a search

All search results are bookmarkable - you can just use your browser to bookmark a search page, and whenever you return to that page Teamline will re-run the search. You can also share this link with somebody else, and they will see the same search (they might see different tasks, they may have different permissions).

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