Finding your way around Teamline

Teamline lets you track tasks directly in Slack, and gives you basic features like setting due dates and assignees.

Every task also has a link to the Teamline app - at - which lets you do a lot more. The main parts of the Teamline app are:

  • The left pane, which lets you switch between your tasks, tasks in channels, and other people's tasks. If you are looking for a particular channel or person that isn't listed on the left, just click the "CHANNELS" or "PEOPLE" link
  • The main task list, which shows all of your tasks. If you scroll to the bottom, you can find completed tasks. At the top right you can change the sort order (say, to sort by due date)
  • The task details pane, which appears on the right hand side when you click on a task. This gives you lots more options to add task details.
  • The main menu, which appears when you click the Teamline icon at the top left. This has your settings, and lets you switch teams or logout.

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