Adding your first task

Creating a task with Teamline is super-easy! Here's how to add your first task:

  • In Slack, select “Teamline” in the "Apps" section in the left menu
  • Type the task you would like to add and send it as a message, eg. “Call Alesha”

That's it! Teamline will confirm the task by replying, and give you the option to edit task details.

Helpful Tip

Teamline will tell you what your incomplete tasks are if you message the word "list" to Teamline in a Slack direct message.

There are a lot of other ways to create tasks including:

  • The web app
  • Reacting to a Slack message with the ⚡️:zap: emoji 
  • Typing the /teamline command in a Slack message 
  • Clicking the “...” action menu on a Slack message
  • Mentioning @Teamline in a Slack message
  • Typing a direct message to the Teamline Slackbot
  • Forwarding emails to your unique task creator email address

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