What is Teamline?

Simplify and streamline task lists with Slack

Teamline is a simple and powerful app that eliminates the need for clunky, time-consuming project management software.


The building blocks for Teamline are tasks, and each task can have many attributes such as comments, file attachments, subtasks, due dates, and assignees. 


Tasks in Teamline are built into projects, most teams will sync their Slack channels to a project in seamless integration, keeping your team aligned and focused. 


You can manage all your tasks and projects in a perfect partnership with Slack - all notifications come to you on Slack, you don't need to remember another password and access for your entire team is automatically setup for you straight away.

When Teamline is installed on your Slack team, there will be a helpful new team member called @teamline on your team! Most people talk to @teamline in channels, or by sending a direct message to Teamline. 


Some of our team members share their favorite features! You can also see a full feature list and comparison here.

Damian: I need the flexible privacy features in my organization, I get to choose exactly who sees what tasks, and when it will show up in Slack.

Charlotte: I love using custom fields to create robust tasks that I can complete in collaboration with my team.

Felix: I love the ability to sync all my tasks to my calendar!

Angela: The project and checklist templates make my life so much easier! With the click of a button, I can add my 15 item checklist to a task.

All the ways you can access Teamline:
  • The web app my.teamline.app 
  • Reacting to a Slack message with the ⚡️:zap: emoji 
  • Typing the /teamline command in a Slack message 
  • Clicking the “...” action menu on a Slack message 
  • Mentioning @Teamline in a Slack message 
  • Typing a direct message to the Teamline Slackbot 
  • Forwarding emails to your unique task creator email address 

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