Creating projects

When you start using Teamline, every Slack channel is automatically set up with its own list of tasks called a "project". Over time, you might choose to organize each project into multiple task lists called "sections". Teamline uses symbols to help you know how each task list is set up:

  • Projects linked to a Slack Channel have a hash (#) icon
  • Projects only in Teamline have a folder (📁) icon
  • Sections of a project have a tilde (~) icon. 

Creating a Project Linked to a Slack Channel

Your Slack Channels are automatically synced to Teamline as projects. To start using your linked Project, simply invite Teamline into your Slack Channel by:

  • Sending a message to the channel mentioning @Teamline
  • Sending a message to the channel using the /teamline command
  • Clicking the Settings cog at the top of your Slack Channel and selecting "Add an app"

Helpful Hint

By default, Teamline sets up the same permissions and members as the Slack channel. 

Creating a Project in Teamline

You can create unlimited projects in Teamline, and are not limited to just Slack channels. To create projects just in Teamline:

  • Click the "+" icon next to the title PROJECTS in Teamline
  • Click "+ Add Project" underneath your project list in Teamline
  • Click the title PROJECTS in Teamline to go to your Project search page. Click the "New Project" button at the top right

Helpful Hint

To find other projects that already exist in your workspace, click the title PROJECTS in your left navigation bar of Teamline. Here you can search, scroll and even see archived projects. 

Adding a Task to a Project

You can create a task directly in your project by:

  • Reacting to a Slack message in the linked channel with the ⚡️:zap: emoji 
  • Clicking the “...” action menu on a Slack message in the linked channel
  • Typing the /teamline command in a Slack message to the linked channel
  • Mentioning @Teamline in a Slack message to the linked channel
  • Typing a task in any Slack message with #project-name (it will show a list of Slack channels, but also works for projects not linked to a channel!)

Archiving a Project

You can archive a project by:

  • Completing all the tasks in the project, and selecting the "Archive Project" button that appears
  • Selecting the settings cog (⚙️) while viewing a project's task list and selecting "Archive Project

You can view any archived projects by selecting the "Projects" title in the left navigation bar, and scrolling the bottom of the list.

Helpful Hint

If you have Slack Channels you do not need a project for; simply hover your cursor over the project name in Teamline's navigation bar and click the "-" icon to hide the project without affecting other team members' views.

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