Creating a section

When you start using Teamline, every Slack channel is automatically set up with its own list of tasks called a "project". Over time, you might choose to organize each project into multiple task lists called "sections". Teamline uses symbols to help you know how each task list is set up:

  • Projects linked to a Slack Channel have a hash (#) icon
  • Projects only in Teamline have a folder (📁) icon
  • Sections of a project have a tilde (~) icon. 

Creating a Section

Sections are task lists which sit within a Project, and help to organize the tasks. To create a section try one of the following actions:

In a Slack channel:
  1. Type a message with:
    1. /teamline or @Teamline 
    2. task name
    3. the tilde (~) icon followed by the section name you'd like to create (~events or ~ideas)
  2. Teamline will then ask you if you'd like to create a section in the project
  3. Click "Yes, create section"
  4. Teamline will create the new section within the linked project to that Slack channel 

In Teamline:
  • Select the plus (+) icon next to "Add a task..." on the project page, then select "Create section in this channel"
  • Select the settings cog (⚙️) at the top of the project page, then select "Add section..." 

Helpful Hint

Only projects linked to a Slack channel can create sections

Our customers use sections in a wide variety of ways! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A section for each customer within your #customer-success Slack channel 
  • A section for each OKR or team goal in your #metrics channel
  • Keep a separate list of ideas for the future, with a section called ~ideas
  • Move tasks into a ~backlog section to declutter your project tasks
  • Organize tasks into different stages, create ~stage-1 ~stage-2 etc. 

Adding a Task to a Section

In Slack
  1. Begin a message to the Slack channel your section is in
    1. Write @Teamline 
    2. Write the task name
    3. Write the tilde (~) symbol, with the name of the section 

For example, type "@teamline T-shirt giveaway ~ideas" will add the task "T-shirt giveaway" to the section ~ideas.

In Teamline
  1. Add a task to a channel 
  2. Go to Task Details
  3. Click the down-arrow next to the channel name at the very top of the task details section
  4. Select which section you'd like to add the task to

Helpful Hint

You can group your tasks by sections using the sort feature in the top-right of your project task list. 

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