Difficulties logging in?

Because Teamline works directly with your Slack team, it doesn't have a separate username or password - you just login with your Slack details.

There are two ways to login to Teamline:

  • With the "Login with Slack" button. When you click a link from @teamline, and you're not logged in yet, you'll see a "Login with Slack" button. You can click this to sign in with your regular Slack username and password details. 
    Hint: Your Slack administrator may have disabled this, so you might need to use the other login method.
  • With a login link. To get a login link, just send a direct message to @teamline in Slack, with the word "login". Teamline will give you a link which you can use one-time to login.

Guest users can login to @teamline. To login as a guest user, use these steps:

  1. Make sure that the guest user and @teamline are both in the same channel (so the guest user can see @teamline)
  2. The guest user can get a login link by opening a direct message to @teamline and saying the word "login"
  3. Click the login link

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