Teamline Plans

We boast the best Slack integration in project management, helping you to manage tasks in your normal work conversations. 

Our goal is for your team to have a simple way to manage work collaboratively. Teamline naturally fits into your Slack communications, and our intuitive design will allow any team member to pick up tasks and start collaborating!

Choose between the Starter Plan, Business Plan or Enterprise Plan. 

Starter Plan

In our Starter plan you'll get full project management, privacy and collaboration features. 

  • Create unlimited tasks for yourself and your team members
    • Create tasks from Slack messages
    • Create tasks in Slack channels
    • Create tasks with Slack emoji reaction
    • Create tasks via email
    • Create tasks in Teamline
  • Unlimited Slack channel integration
    • Connect your Slack team
    • Invite Slack guest users
    • Create projects connected to channels
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Add task details
    • Due dates and times
    • Descriptions and notes
    • Comments and collaboration
    • Multiple assignees
    • Attachments and images
  • Custom organization
    • Custom labels
    • Checklists and subtasks
    • Organize tasks into sections for channel projects
  • Custom Notifications
    • Slack channel updates
    • Tasks due soon reminders
    • Custom reminders
    • Morning report
    • Subscribe to tasks
    • Ping team members about a task
  • Time management features
    • Snooze tasks
    • Recurring tasks
    • Start dates
    • Multi-day tasks
    • Calendar sync with Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar
    • Team calendar view
  • Custom task privacy and project privacy
  • Automation and workflow
    • Create reusable templated checklists

See our pricing page for pricing details

Helpful Hint

You will only pay for team members that actually use Teamline! Read more below...

How are users counted?

To make sure billing is as fair as possible, Teamline only counts the people in your team who actually use Teamline - not every single person on your Slack team.

You can choose who you'd like to include in your subscription when you check out, and you can also change this setting at any time - it's up to you.

Manage Automatically

The easiest way to configure Teamline - anybody on your team will get access to the upgraded features, and will automatically be added to your account. You'll only ever get charged for active users each month - that's people who have logged in to Teamline, been assigned a task, or invited to join Teamline

Choose Users

You can choose exactly which people to include in your Teamline account, and you can add or remove people at any time.

Business Plan

This plan lets you automate your company's common workflows and processes in Slack, create task templates and project templates, and integrate with Teamline. 

  • All features included in the Starter plan
  • Automation and workflow
    • Reusable templated projects 
    • Unlimited customization of templates
    • Templated tasks with unlimited details
  • Integrations
    • API and integration
    • Zapier integration
  • Enhanced customization
    • Custom task details fields 
  • Business continuity
    • Task audit trails
    • Export to CSV

See our pricing page for pricing details

Enterprise Plan

This plan lets you maximize productivity for your Slack Enterprise Grid team, and includes our most advanced audit and control features. 

  • Support for the Slack Enterprise Grid
  • Administrative control over authentication, including 2-factor authentication
  • Priority support
  • Personalized onboarding assistance
  • All data encrypted at rest
  • Unlimited use across multiple teams in your Enterprise Grid account

The Enterprise Grid plan is only available on an annual subscription. Please contact us to discuss the Enterprise Plan further.

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