Deleting tasks

If you created a task by mistake, or decide it is no longer necessary, you might want to delete that task. There are two ways to delete a task:

In Slack

When you create a task in Slack, use the "Actions..." menu in the edit message, scroll down and select Delete Task

Helpful Hint

If you don't have an action menu on your task, simply click "edit" to display these menus on the task again

In Teamline 

You can open a task, and click the "More ..." menu (at the right, underneath the task name). Scroll down andis an option to delete the task

Helpful Hint

You can also select a task in Teamline and click your "DELETE" key as a keyboard shortcut to delete the task


Deleted tasks are moved to the trash, and then deleted after 30 days. 

You can find deleted tasks in the Teamline app by clicking the main menu (your workspace name at the top left), and selecting "Archived/deleted tasks".

If you made a mistake and would like it back, select the task and click "undelete". 


In most cases a task is only able to be deleted by the person who made the task or an administrator, though the permissions for deleting tasks follow your Slack team's permissions. 

In some cases, your Slack administrators may have disabled deletion of tasks, you are allowed to delete tasks you created, and team administrators are allowed to delete any task.

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