Create reusable templated tasks

When you want to re-use a task you have a couple of options, you can set it up as a recurring task (go to this article to find out how) or you can create a task template you can use whenever you need it.

Create a Task Template

1. In Teamline, click the plus icon next to the "Add a task..." field. From here select "Add project template..." to create one!

Helpful Hint

You can also go to Teamline Settings and select Project Templates to create a task template

2. Select the "one task" option to create your task template

3. Write your reusable task name

4. Click "Create" and you will be taken to the Teamline settings page with your task template open and ready to add details

5. Add any relevant task details you want to be repeated every time this task template is used. Importantly, you can add a formula to create a due date dependant on the date the task is created! You can add details including:

  • Description / notes
  • Assignees
  • Labels
  • Link to a Slack channel or project section
  • Due date formula
  • Privacy settings
  • Notification settings
  • Any custom fields you've created
  • Checklists

Helpful Hint

You cannot add attachments or images to task templates, but if this is important - try including a note in the details section to remind you to attach it!

6. Hit the X to exit the screen, your task template and any edits are automatically saved on this screen. Voila! You are now ready to use and re-use this task as often as you need

Use a Task Template

1. In Teamline select a project, and click the plus icon next to the "Add a task..." field. You will be able to see all the templates available on this list! Select which one you need.

2. Once selected, your task will be created in that project and auto-open ready for you to make any adjustments. Your due date formula will generate a date and time based on when you created the task.

3. Check all the details in the task created are still accurate, and use the X to click away. Any changes in this screen are automatically saved as you amend them.

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