Creating tasks with a reaction emoji

With just two clicks, you can create a task from any message in any Slack channel!  All you need to do is react with the :zap:  ⚡️ emoji (it looks like a lightning bolt).

  1. Hover over the message until the menu shows up on the right. Click the smiley to add an emoji.
  2. Search for :zap: or click the ⚡️ emoji
  3. That's it! Teamline will create a task with the message as the task name and assign it to that channel project

Helpful Hint

If Teamline is NOT a member of the channel, the task will be created, but no message will be sent to the channel. Instead, Teamline will send you a direct message with the task details. 


The :zap: ⚡️emoji becomes even more powerful when you use this on a file comment. Teamline will give you two options

  • Create the task and automatically attach the file, or
  • Attach the file to a different task 

There are a lot of other ways to create tasks including:

  • The web app
  • Typing the /teamline command in a Slack message 
  • Clicking the “...” action menu on a Slack message
  • Mentioning @Teamline in a Slack message
  • Typing a direct message to the Teamline Slackbot
  • Forwarding emails to your unique task creator email address

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