Creating tasks with /teamline slash command

To create a task, simply begin a message in a Slack channel or direct message, type /teamline task name @person duedate (eg. /teamline Send investor slides for review @Isaac by tomorrow at 3pm)

Helpful Hint

Instead of /teamline you can use the shorthand /tl with the same result!

Advanced Use

The /teamline slash command is designed for power users. It offers a lot more options to manage tasks directly in Slack, but can be a little more complicated to learn.

There are a few key differences between talking to @teamline and using the /teamline slash command, just remember to review your notification and privacy settings!

  Talking to @teamline /teamline slash command
How to create a task @teamline task name @person duedate /teamline task name @person duedate
Visibility Everybody in the channel can see what
you type, and Teamline's response
You have the option for channel notifications to be visible
by just you, or the whole channel using your settings
Private tasks All tasks are visible to channel You can create private tasks that only you can see
Features Basic task creation and listing Able to edit and manage more task options
Where used Use in channels and groups, but you must
invite @teamline into the channel first
Use in any channel, group, or direct message

The /teamline command is extremely powerful, and you can learn advanced ways of using it in this article. 

There are a lot of other ways to create tasks including:

  • The web app
  • Reacting to a Slack message with the ⚡️:zap: emoji 
  • Clicking the “...” action menu on a Slack message
  • Mentioning @Teamline in a Slack message
  • Typing a direct message to the Teamline Slackbot
  • Forwarding emails to your unique task creator email address

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